Animal Rights Day

December 10th: International Animal Rights Day

It was December 10th, 1948 when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was approved, it took 50 years to be extended to other animals. It was in 1998 when it was begun to celebrate the International Animal Rights Day December 10th. Each year, this date shows respect and consideration for all animals.

It is irrefutable that the other animals share with us the interest in not suffering and continue to live, which is enough to have the right to life, liberty and freedom. So these concepts should be present in education and the daily life of human beings. Unfortunately the animal rights are ignored and in many cases not even reach the point of questioning that they should be respected.

Days like this make for a reconsideration and that many will come to widen their circle of moral consideration to include other animals. Fortunately defense movement of animals grows with people who reject bullfighting, hunting, livestock farms, animal shows, vivisection or zoos.
From Madrid Vegan we encourage you to join the several acts intended to celebrate the Animal Rights Day you can see in events and that you support and collaborate with animal organizations.

Graphic | Vegan Madrid

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